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Bitcoin is the latest frenzy. Everyone wants to buy Bitcoin. But everyone also has tons of questions like how to buy Bitcoin or where to buy Bitcoin. Also, some people might ask “should I buy Bitcoin” as they are not sure about making such an investment. The investment decision will be yours entirely. But we will try to answer the other questions about how and there. Actually, there are few ways you can follow when you want to buy some Bitcoin. Of course, all of these methods involve an online exchange. So, let’s see how do you buy Bitcoin?

How Can You Buy Bitcoin?

The best way to buy Bitcoin is to find a reliable exchange. Cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase can be your starting point. Or you can find a safe and reliable cryptocurrency exchange that operates in your country.

The next step will be creating an account on the selected exchange. You will need few things to do that. First, you need to set up your account on the exchange. Then, you need to complete a KYC step to send or receive funds. Once your KYC is verified, you can start to buy Bitcoin online.

How Do You Make Payments to Buy Bitcoin?

After setting up your account on a cryptocurrency exchange, you have few options to buy some funds. The first one is to buy Bitcoin with PayPal. You can directly transfer funds to the exchange via PayPal. This method is both safe and fast.

Your other options involve buying Bitcoin with a credit card or buying Bitcoin with a debit card. However, we should note that using a debit card might cause a delay for some of the cryptocurrency exchanges. So, when you choose the best place to buy Bitcoin, you also need to check the transfer speed of your deposited funds.