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Our changing and developing world now allows brands to be carried online and allows the user to search for brands online

With this change, the brand phenomenon formed on the internet began to grow gradually.Protecting the reputation of digital brands has become a necessity both corporate and individual.

What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is the general name given to the studies carried out in order to manage the perception of your brand correctly on the internet.

How to Manage Your Online Reputation?

According to reports,when 63% of users read bad comments about your brand's name or service,they think about the brand in a bad way.

According to users,if a service is to be taken from a brand,the best source of information about it is the internet environment.

91% of users read reviews about a brand online before understanding the service from a local brand.

as an action plan for negative comments by reading each comment in the online world to investigate the cause of bad comments eliminating the reason for bad comments,giving the user relevant information is of great importance.

MELway Online Approaches Reputation Management As Follows

We examine all the content and comments produced online for your brand with different tools and identify the areas that have not been managed,and prepare an action plan based on these evaluations and train you to ensure the continuity of this reputation management.

We are opening a new page with meLway by removing offensive content and spam from the internet.